The Many Faces of Engelenbak

Including the original Engelenbak "tub" in 1959, there have been a total of seven vessels named Engelenbak, including two in Holland and five in the U.SDSC_0048.

In many ways, our current Engelenbak takes the vessel and its name full circle. It began as a steel hulled, diesel powered boat, and our current trawler (number #7) puts the name back on a steel hulled, diesel powered vessel.

In between, there was a series of beautiful sailboats, like the wings of angels ... all powered by the wind.

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#4- A 34-foot C&C, Adobe tan

#1 - The original "Tub full of Angels"


#2 - A 1964 21-foot red sailboat built by EG van de Stadt

#5- A 42-foot green Valiant


#3- A 32-foot C&C, Adobe tan

#6- A 50-foot bright red Valiant

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