Without a doubt, 2010 will be one of our most memorable New Year's to date.

We decided to take Engelenbak to Chatterbox Falls, a reportedly lovely spot at the head of Princess Louisa Inlet, and invited Patti & Lincoln, our friends from Blaine, WA , to join us for the cruise.

Our trip was delayed by a day or two due to heavy fog in Vancouver, and Roland & Lincoln's desire to complete some projects in our boat house. In the meantime, Patti and Laura kept busy trying to solve a mystery surrounding a dead body that had been found at the lovely Waterfront Park adjacent to the marina. We also had fun fitting Lovie in his new lifejacket ... and watching him walk backwards in it.

We left Vancouver Mon. 28 Dec. around noon; dropped anchor in Port Graves on the south side of Gambier Island and enjoyed a champagne toast on the aft deck (with much attention to the popping of the cork in our photos) as we watched the sun go down at the bottom of the inlet.

The next day we enjoyed some sightseeing in Green Bay, a small channel with a beautiful waterfall on the east side of Nelson Island off Malaspina Strait, We then cruised past the cascading 1,440 foot Freil Lake Falls (which we renamed Engelenbak Falls) on our way to Harmony Islands where we eventually found anchorage in Hotham Sound.

We had heard that Chatterbox was a popular New Year's destination, so we wanted to arrive on the 30th to make sure we had a spot. Much planning went into our timing to make sure we arrived at Malibu Rapids, the entrance to the inlet leading to Chatterbox, at slack tide due to currents that can run as fast as 10 knots.

Heading through the Rapids we made radio contact with the only other boat we saw heading in ... Chmyry, an old 1965 wood fish boat converted into a handsome trawler ... and we soon made new friends at the docks with Ed & Audrey.

It's not an overstatement to say that we were all awestruck when we arrived at the tip of the inlet and tied up at the 200' dock with Chmyry. We were the ONLY two boats sharing this phenomenal setting. Of course, the next day six more boats came cruising in, including four Grand banks. A stunning waterfall was our view out of the galley and back deck, surrounded by 3000-5000' snow covered mountains. We could not have asked for a more exquisite setting to bring in the New Year.

Despite the light drizzle, we all had great fun hiking the trails to the falls, and on New Year's Eve, enjoyed a fire in the cedar fire pit structure that is located along the trail to the Falls. Apparently this too is a popular destination, as some of the other boats at the dock brought fire wood with them to leave for future visitors to the pit.

Couldn't ask for a better New Year's!!!